LOTS of stuff going on this week in Kindergarten.  We have started Mid year Testing and will continue until December 15th. 

New homework will be coming home in the Homework binders on Monday December 4th.  This is NOT mandatory homework. It is to be used to review skills in the classroom.  Make it fun and please don't do every page.  On that note, there are several pages at the beginning of the packet with addition.  Our Math objectives are a little off due to Harvey, so we are just introducing this concept right now.  You might need to skip those pages for the first week. Please keep homework to 15-20 minutes a night.  Writing a sentence or 2 about some fun holiday events is just as beneficial as complete a page or 2 of homework. If you have ANY questions please feel free to ask. 

 During this season, I always like to focus on being kind to others.  A kindness elf came to our classroom today and will be with us until break.  Each day she gives us a kindness challenge...things like ..Smile at 10 different people today.  Play with someone you don't usually play with at recess... etc... In this day and age spreading a little kindness can make all the difference ... and like our Wave Club here says, "it only takes a ripple to start a wave of kindness...."  

 Monday also starts our Peppermint Village. You can either come shop with your child or send money for them to shop with another adult's help and guidance. 

Have a great weekend. 

Jill Keenan


    Mrs. Jill Keenan
Kindergarten Teacher
Conference Time 1:05-2:00


Remember library books on Wednesday. Also Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are our PE days so please wear your tennis shoes.
Wednesday is Library Day. We have PE on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday so please wear your tennis shoes.


Things to Remember for a Successful Year:

-Check green  folder daily, remove all papers and initial behavior calendar
-Call the office or write a note for any transportation change
-Make sure your child has money in their lunch account even if you think they will never buy
-Email me if you have any questions or concerns
-Check webpage weekly for updates

Mrs. Keenan’s Schedule

7:50 - Students enter the room,    
          unpack, and begin
         social/emotional play time.       
          RR Break
8:05 -  Tardy Bell
8:15 – Enrichment groups
8:45 –Calendar and Word Work
9:05 - Writers Workshop
9:50 – Shared Reading
10:05– Guided Reading/Work    Stations
10:50 – Read aloud
11:10-11:40 – Lunch
11:40-12:10 Recess
12:10 – Social Studies
12:35 - Science
1:05 - Fine Arts and P.E.
2;05 – Mental Math/Poster Math  2:55 - Pack up
3:05 - Dismissal
   This schedule is a tentative one and is subject to change.

  A Message for Kindergarten Parents

KKindle excitement about kindergarten.  Visit your school and meet your child teacher.
IInvite new school friends home to play and help your child build strong friendships.              
NNever forget safety.  Teach your child safety rules-whether walking or taking the bus.
DDiscuss what your child will be learning in school - colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.
EExplore your neighborhood together.  Talk about the world you live in.
RReview the good behavior expected of your child, such as following rules and taking turns.
GGet involved at your child's school.  Join the PTO.  Volunteer in the classroom.
AAnswer your child's questions about school.  Reassure your child that school is fun.
RRead to your child daily.  Visit the library together.
TTurn every day into a learning experience.  Let your child help with everyday chores.
EEncourage your child to eat well, get enough sleep, bathe daily and brush teeth 2x a day.
NNotice the new things your child is learning to do.  Praise their progress.


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